Every Day Feels Like a Weekend

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In March of 2020, Portland artist Emma Geddie decided she would take the plunge and become an artist full-time. She had made a steady income selling her work at the Portland Saturday Market, and had saved up enough money to quit her day job.

A month later, the COVID-19 pandemic had stopped her business cold. Later the virus would claim the life of her mother.

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During the enormously difficult year, Geddie transitioned to online sales and got by on savings, support from family and friends and a grant from the Artist Trust Organization. Now that the state has reopened, revenue has increased.

The Saturday Market reopened in April, albeit with reduced hours, and a boom in summer tourism has bolstered Geddie’s sales.

The timing could not be better.

“I rely heavily on the Portland Saturday Market for income so it’s really great that it’s bounced back. Although we are only open one day a week instead of two, the increased sales more than makes up for it.” Geddie says. “I’m incredibly grateful for the people who have come to visit, explore, and buy a little art along the way.”

While Oregon’s summer tourism numbers are still being collected, data from other states suggests tourism is surging.

Some hotels in Las Vegas, for example, have been given permission to operate at 100% capacity due to unprecedented demand. The boom in tourism is likely due to pent-up post-COVID-19 demand, but has provided much-needed relief to Oregon vendors.

Not long ago, tourism in Oregon faced gloomy prospects. The tourism and hospitality industry was one of the first and hardest-hit sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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